AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Innovate and explore new opportunities in
your field with machine learning

Explore the possibilities of AI & ML for business growth by creating cutting-edge solutions, innovative business models and enabling data-driven decisions to solve critical business challenges

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Business and Tasks

We constantly use new methods and approaches to improve our products and services with AI technology.

The technology allows your organization to automate internal processes.
For example:

  • Your company can use it to automate tasks associated with onboarding new hires
  • Data processing includes storing, manipulating, preparing, and distributing data

Optimizing Business

Optimizing your business processes offers many benefits that can help your business stay afloat in the tidal waves of change.

For example:

  • Streamlining your workflows, better customer experience and satisfaction, improving employee productivity, and reducing risks
  • A better customer experience and satisfaction

We will help you innovate with less risk and better results.

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Why You Should Use AI?

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Computer vision

Adding value to your business with powerful
computer vision solutions

No matter what your industry is, our team of experts at Corporatica will help solve your business challenges and problems and boost its growth by integrating computer vision technology.

Our Computer Vision Expertise:

Text Extraction (OCR)

Extract printed and handwritten text from images and documents with mixed languages and writing styles.

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Face Recognition & Analysis

An advanced type of recognition and analysis technology is used to detect the faces of individuals whose images are saved in a data set.

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Image Reconstruction
& Super Resolution

Reach an effective result with advanced and reliable trained models powered by ML and AI.

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Image Manipulation

Our image manipulation utilizes several techniques and tools to produce and transform images into creative and compelling masterpieces, and we use it to achieve the desired results regarding the subject.

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Why You Should Use Computer Vision?

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Natural Language Processing

NLP Services and Custom Solutions
Tailored For Your Needs

Power up your business process with efficient natural language processing by enabling your business to understand human language better and implement better customer services

Our NLP Expertise and Solutions

Sentiment Analysis

It is used to help recognize, understand and extract the meaning from text to determine its emotion or sentiment.

Chatbot &
Conversational Solutions

Build a next-generation digital assistant that is contextually relevant, understands the language that people use to communicate better, answers their queries, and helps them.

Search Engine

It is used to Index, find, and search for an unlimited number of files that contain a particular word or string of text in your entire dataset.

Questions Answering

Using techniques for automatically answering human questions utilizing a collection of pre-structured databases.

Why You Should Use NLP?

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Big Data Analysis and Visualization

Intelligent Solutions to Get Rich Insights Into Data
and Automate Business Processes

Every business has its data, and its volume is growing daily; technologies such as data capture, retrieval, and extraction have become a part of successful businesses or organizations, an advanced and reliable trained model.

As an expert in finding, capturing, and extracting data automatically from unstructured documents and automating work processes to save time, reduce cost and provide businesses with intelligent and practical solutions.

Why You Should Use Big Data Analysis ?

Data-Driven Decision Making

We help organizations make proactive decisions through data analysis, statistical models, AI, and machine learning.

Data Visualization

We understand your business and decision-making needs to create visualizations and storytelling with insights that inspire action.

Big Data Analytics

Leverage realistic, actionable insights obtained through big data analytics to understand market trends, buying patterns, and the subsequent changes they may be needed to implement.

Predictive Analytics

A technology makes predictions about certain unknowns in the future: it draws on a series of techniques to make these determinations, including artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, modeling, and statistics.

Why you should use
Data Analytics ?

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Let’s unlock your business potential and
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